programming Courses

  • Advance Diploma in Computer Application & Programming

    The objective of this course is to produce computer science graduates who, trained in the design, implementation, and analysis of computational systems and skilled in technical communication and will contribute towards the advancement of computing science and technology. The department ensures that students who graduate know the fundamentals of Computer...

    Eligibility10,+2,Clg Students Duration 360 Hours
  • Master Diploma In Information Technology

    This Course to furnish the industry standards of competency, student of this department are explored to the opportunity of developing software and websites. To bridge the gap between the industry and classroom, students are often explored to industry interface where they learn the live concept...

    Eligibility10,+2,Clg Students Duration 360 Hours
  • 05_Advance Diploma In Software Engineering

    Advance Diploma in Software Technology is diploma level Information course. Software System is a system based on software forming part of a computer system (a combination of hardware and software). The term 'software system' is often used as a synonym of computer program or software. It is related to the application of systems theory approaches in...

    Eligibility10,+2,Clg Students Duration 360 Hours
  • Master In Computer Software Technology

    we are providing Information Technology Courses in the market. This unique Information Technology Course will teach students about website development, programming, database, graphics and more. These courses are provided by our talented and skilled programmers who have years of experience in this field...

    Eligibility10,+2,Clg Students Duration 360 Hours
  • Diploma in Computer Application

    A career in Computer Application refers to anything or any kind of computer related jobs. With every passing day the demand of computer literate people are increasing in the world. From running a small business to managing critical research work, no work can be managed without a computer. Careers in Computer Application in a broader aspect means software ...

    Eligibility10,+2,Clg Students Duration 360 Hours
  • Master Diploma In Software Engineering

    Course will introduce students to the basics of the Software development as well as Advanced devopment process. Master in Computer Software Engineering prepare you for a well-paying, creative job & career in Software Development and Application development. Join the right course from sanacademy Technologies & get started today...

    Eligibility10,+2,Clg Students Duration 360 Hours
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